With the official holiday season kickoff just a handful of days away, all of us start to pay more attention to the one thing that really matters most: family.

While we absolutely love what we do, and feel so grateful to get to show up to work each day, nothing beats heading back home to family after a long day, or looking forward to a weekend spent with the ones we love.

If you’ve worked with us before, you probably have picked up on this. We really love being with our families.

In fact, one of our biggest passions at Baden Contracting is helping other families throughout the Northern Virginia region to create a home they can love and enjoy together!

Just like you, we value time with our family because it allows us to recharge and better tackle the obstacles that lie ahead, addressing them with a focused mind and a loving heart. That’s why we’re strict as a team with our hours of operation, including (and especially) not working weekends.

While it would be easy to ignore these hours some days – when we could be working longer to get a project done or to sign one more contract – we know that once you start making exceptions, it’s hard to get back to the way things should be.

At the end of the day, if we’re not getting plenty of quality time with our families, our work and our work ethic will suffer.

Thankfully, technology has really come a long way in actually helping us create more time with our families, while still giving our clients what they need.

One of our favorite things to do at Baden Contracting is offer completely virtual appointments, which allow us to save time driving back and forth, while still understanding all of the in’s and out’s of a project.

It gives us the best of both worlds – being at home with our family, while serving clients. What more could we want?