When you live in a small residence, like a condo or a townhome, it’s hard to imagine ways to expand your space.

Typically building an addition is out of the question – and therefore, so is the potential of adding square footage. If you don’t mind getting creative, however, there’s always room to grow!

A recent client living in a small condo in Springfield, VA was feeling exactly that way when she called us in for help. Her kitchen was feeling claustrophobic and she was desperate for a solution to her storage woes.

Here’s how we helped her.

The first thing that we did was move a free-standing wall that was dividing the kitchen from the rest of the living space. As soon as the wall was gone, the entire room felt more open and the kitchen space was twice as big!

But, that wasn’t the only wall that needed to go.

We also built a cut-out near the sink that created room for more cabinet space and opened up that side of the kitchen to the living area as well. Furthermore, we removed all of the bulkheads, air conditioning ducts and pipes from the ceiling so it could be opened up to offer more space for cabinets.

This condo owner had always dreamed of a subtle gray kitchen that melted into the rest of her home. So, to make her dreams come true we installed custom-built (and custom-colored) gray cabinetry unit and crown molding.

The gray cabinets were complemented by ceramic faux wood flooring, granite countertops with under-head lighting and brand new stainless steel appliances. Did we also mention the exposed brick wall with rustic accents that added even more flare to this renovated space?

At the end of the project, the kitchen in this condo felt like a room straight out of a spacious, luxury home.

She couldn’t believe her eyes and happily reported that she would be hosting a large group of friends very soon – as the kitchen could finally accommodate them!