Decks are a wonderful place to enjoy your home – whether in the morning with a cup of coffee or surrounded by good friends and neighbors as evening fades.

Of course, if your deck is in need of repair, falling apart or just simply outdated, then spending time outside on it only reminds you of all of the to-dos you’re suddenly falling behind on. 

When our recent clients in Arlington, VA reached out to us about updating their fifteen-year-old wooden deck, we were eager to get started. After all, summer and early fall are the perfect times of year for enjoying outdoor living. 

To get started on the project, the Baden Contracting team completely stripped the old deck, taking it all the way down to the framing. 

And, because the old deck had stairs that were not built to code, we redesigned them to make sure they met all of the requirements – something that will be especially helpful if and when the owners decide to sell their home. 

We put in the new deck, a tree transcend spiced rum decking, using hidden screws for both safety and aesthetics. To make sure the new deck holds up season after season, we even installed an under-deck waterproof system, complete with skirting around the bottom and doors for dry storage.

As a finishing touch, we installed a shoreline railing kit with a cocktail rail, ensuring that the new deck would become the place to be for entertaining and gatherings. 

The final product not only looked a thousand times better than the old deck, but it also added functionality, too, giving the owners the equivalent of a brand new room to their home – and one they’ll enjoy for years to come!