Sometimes it can be hard to choose between different finishes for a bathroom.  With so many choices, it can be difficult to decide which you want.  We recently competed two bathroom remodels for a client, and it was great because while each bathroom was different, there were similar finishes, and coordinating colors.  Talk about a win-win!

In the master bathroom, we removed a wall, rearranged plumbing to accommodate a better location for the toilet, and replaced the entire bathroom:  toilet, sinks, vanity and shower.  I made a custom framed mirror to complement the width of the double vanity and rewired the electrical to move the lighting to the sides of the mirror, instead of just above.

In the shower, we laid a basket weave tile floor.  The client loved the travertine 12×18 tiles for the walls, along with the glass tiles for the inset shelves and listello.   We also installed frameless glass shower doors. 

The hall bathroom got a makeover as well.  The client chose the same granite countertops but went for a clean look with individual hinged mirrors and classic light fixtures above.  This bathroom has a tub, so we added the sliding glass doors for ease of use.  The tile choices are similar to the master but have a lighter feel with the pebble shaped listello.


My favorite part about this bathroom was how we created a custom piece that is also functional.   Like the master bath, we moved the toilet and the nook where the toilet was originally located was then an empty space. I created a custom linen cabinet to match the vanity, along with the same granite top. 

This was a fun project to work on with our client and they were happy with the final product.