Of all the rooms in your home most likely to be neglected, basements definitely end up at the top of the list.

While some homeowners might write off their basements, using them primarily for storage and other “miscellaneous” items, others understand how much potential basements really have – especially when they’re designed the right way!

Our team recently helped a VA client by taking a 2,000 square foot unfinished basement and turning it into a space that could really be utilized by the owners.

The ultimate vision was to create a new room in the home – one that would be both functional and beautiful. With the help of the owners, we were able to come up with a final plan that would take the 2,000 square feet and transform them into three different spaces – a living space, a hobby room and a full bathroom.

The first hurdle was figuring out how to frame the new design, as the plumbing and havoc bulk heads we needed to build were far from straightforward.

Thankfully, our skilled team managed to get the job done, busting up the old concrete and moving the plumbing so that the full bathroom could be positioned where the owners wanted it.

Because the hobby room was going to be used more as a workshop – a place for making stained glass among other projects – we added insulation to the ceiling to help dampen the noise.

Understanding that our clients wanted the space to look and feel like a natural extension of their home, we added features like three-panel doors, a barn slider door and high-end Cortex Vinyl plank flooring as finishing touches.

After it was complete, the Baden team was proud to have transformed this basement into exactly what the owners had envisioned.